Thursday, November 29, 2012

1 Million Dollars

You've just won 1 Million Dollars

Top 5 FUN things you would buy??

A beach front dream house
A brand new car
I'd buy my husband the 100 some inch TV he wants lol
A Sleep Number Bed lol
A lifetime supply of Mountain Dew


  1. Lifetime supply of Diet Dr. Pepper, and Diet Coke..
    Lifetime supply of Reese's Trees..
    All of the papers in my town one Sunday morning Just to say I got them before the stingy couponer of the town..
    A Keurig... and a KitchenAid Mixer!
    Crystal Gibson

  2. I am going to be boring here:
    our dream acreage
    another horse (we only have 3 so need a 4th one for family rides)
    my dream camera (canon T2i)
    New clothes for our family
    Then I would pay off all debt lol