Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Years Resolutions!

What are your New Years Resolutions??

Mine are pretty simple this year.....

I want to be more organized with my blogs

I want to clean up my language some LOL

I want to eat healthier and try to get feeling better then I have been this past year....

Less sugar
Less caffeine

What are yours??

 Leave me a link if you made a similar post on your blog!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter Blog Challenge #8

If you were given three wishes, what would they be?

1. For my boys to live long healthy and happy lives

2. To grow old and happy with my husband

3. For our move to Florida this summer to go smoothly with no hiccups lol

If you could have any 3 wishes what would they be?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Luv My Box Review


Not sure where to start when perusing the aisles? Lost a bit of luster between the sheets or want to explore something new? Luvmybox has the solution! We send you different products monthly that are meant to stimulate as well as kick up the romance. The best part is every month is a surprise! Lubricants, games, condoms, costumes, panties, kamasutra ideas, bustiers and so much more! Luvmybox is different from beauty box subscriptions and memberships like Birchbox, Beauty Box, and Glossybox. You’ll find much more than make up and beauty samples in your luvbox! We created Luvmybox because, like you, we think it’s important to keep your relationships, with yourself and your partner, fresh and invigorating. Luvmybox is like a monthly gift for yourself that’s delivered right to your door! Adding a little flavor between the sheets will keep you happy, healthy and wanting more!


My Review

I'm not an overly adventurous person. But I do like to try new things every once in awhile. Luv My Box allows you to try new things in your relationship while being discreet at the same time. Luv My Box comes in a plain black box that hides some really great products. We received the Oral Sex Dice, Frisk Mints, Wet Together Couples Lubricant and a few other items. I loved the Do Not Disturb sign that came in the box. Very cute. We have a unique living situation right now. We only have one bedroom and have given that to my boys. Myself and the hubby sleep in the living room on a pull out couch. Luckily that is changing this coming June. For now though our private time tends to be kind of limited lol. We have used a few of the products already. They are all very high quality and have been very fun to use lol. The box is a tad expensive for my tastes, $34.95, so I probably wouldn't get one every month. I will however purchase future boxes when the mood strikes me :) I was happy with the amount and types of product I got in this box and I would recommend this to my friends, married and single alike!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Don't Ask

Living with Fibromyalgia is hard enough without adding stupid people to the equation. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people ask me how I am and don't bother to really listen when I respond. Why did you even ask in the first place if you really don't give a shit?? 9 time out of 10 these same people are simply starting a conversation so that they can complain to me about their problems.  Now don't get me wrong, if you have me as a friend I am the best friend you will have. I will take time any time day or night to listen and talk and commiserate if that's what you need. But I would love to know why it is that I don't seem to deserve the same in return??

I know a lot of people don't quite understand the full scope of what it means to have Fibromyalgia so I try not to take offense when someone says "I know what you mean" or "I know how you feel". If you don't have Fibro, then believe me and hear me clearly when I say you most definitely do NOT know what I mean or know how I feel.

I have not had a pain free day in 15 years. Stop and think about that for a minute. I have "better" days and I have "worse" days. I do not have completely pain free days. Just because you see me doing something for my kids, or keeping my house clean, or GOD FORBID doing something for MYSELF does not mean I'm "better" or that I'm faking this whole thing to get attention. It means I have to continue to live my life and be a mom and an active member of my family.

AND just because my house work doesn't get done for a day or 2 doesn't mean i'm lazy or a bad mom either. It means I'm having a bad day and still trying to do the best I can.

So the next time you want to sit and have a conversation with me, or with anyone who has Fibro or another chronic pain condition, stop and think a second before sending that first message or opening your mouth to speak. Just saying.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

WBC Prompt 3

So the weather outside is frightful. What are doing to enjoy being inside?

It gets very cold here in PA in the winter. We've been snowed in quite a few times in the past. We always make sure we have plenty of DVD's, books to read, coloring books for the kids, snacks and hot chocolate!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WBC Post 2

My Favorite Book

This has always been the easiest question for me to answer. I Hmm and Haaww if you ask me favorite color, scent, animal, any of that stuff. Ask me what my favorite book is and I have the answer fast and easy. This was one of the first chapter books I read and I just remember being so fascinated by this story. the Murry and O' Keefe families became like my second families, I read this book so many times. The sci fi aspect was so out of my "norm".  Now I read a lot of sci fi and fantasy and I truly feel it's this book that inspired that for me.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit!

Well in 24 days Christmas will be upon us.  Alan and I are big kids, so we couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving to arrive so that we could decorate our home for the holidays.  We even finished Christmas shopping by Halloween!  I don’t like the crazy crowds or fighting them on Black Friday.  So while the world shops, we decorate!  The only ones that waited were for charity, I’m really big on doing for others, so when I heard about this little boy losing his mother two months ago I decided I’d be his Santa this year.  His mom passed away giving birth to his twin sisters.  My heard broke when I heard this and just wanted him to see he’s not alone in this world, even strangers care.

We have an entire Christmas Village that fills up a 48” card table.  Thirteen houses, two of which are bookstores, and of course no village would be complete without Santa’s Workshop :-D  Then of course a wreath and every window in the apartment has lights.  I collect snowmen, I have 4 new ones this year.  Alan collects nutcrackers, so to even the playing field we now by equal amounts.  He also LOVES the Miami Dolphins and so far we’ve been able to get one Miami Dolphin ornament each year.  This year I got him a Miami Dolphins Nutcracker ornament!  I love fairies and angels, so I have a new stained glass angel ornament, she’s playing a violin.  No matter what angels win, I’m on the treetop!  So here are my two questions:
1.             Do you collect anything Christmas?  If so, what?
2.          What’s you’re favorite Christmas song/carol?

Winter Blog Challenge Post 1

What is your favorite way to welcome in the winter/holiday season?

Our holiday spirit officially kicks in when we put our tree up! Our tree doesn't look that gorgeous though lol. But our boys love to decorate and pick stuff out to put on the tree. They get excited about Christmas music and write letters to Santa =] We pull out all the sweaters and boots and stuff that goes along with the cold weather and snow. And then it does snow and we start whining and saying when will summer be here LOL.