Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Question of the day...Smartphones!

So my fiance and I are at the mechanics shop.  My lovely accessible van's A/C has decided to die.  We're walking (yes Jenn, I'm rolling) down the street and I find our cellphone provider has a store there.  I go in, because for the last few months my phone has  been hinkey (yup, my techie term LOL), today it decides no more picture texting.  I go in whining like a good spoiled brat.  The guy feels AWFUL!  Alan says, "Honey, pick out a new phone.  Your birthday is in 4 weeks...early birthday present!"  Cool!  So, I pick this Samsung Admire, so far I love it.  Of course my first text was to Jenn, hehehe.  They gave us a discount and transfered my stuff to my new phone for free, I AM SOOO SPOILED!!!

So, what kind of phones do you all have??

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  1. I'm VERY JEALOUS!! lol I have a Nokia E71 from Straight Talk and I hate it lol