Thursday, September 6, 2012

Books I'd Like to Read Next Year


Gosh there are so many magnificent authors around, and SO many books I’d love to read, my list would be never ending!  Let’s see, I’ll start with these:

  1.   Dean Koontz Odd Interludes (3 of them, I think)
  2.  Dean Koontz - Odd Apocalypse 
  3. Jodi Picoult - Lone Wolf 
  4.  Ken Follett - Winter of the World 
  5.  James Patterson Zoo 
  6.  James Stevens - Opening Moves 
  7.  George R. R. Martin - Song of Ice and Fire Series 
  8.  Jay Kristoff Stormdancer  
  9. Sandra Brown - Low Pressure. 

That’s if I can squeeze them in between book review requests!  What about you, what’s on your list?


  1. Hi I like your listing of books you would love to read. I am a Koontz fan and will try to get my hands on some of those books you listed.
    I am following you now and hope you can follow back.

  2. Great list of books! I would also like to read Zoo by James Patterson.

  3. the Books you mentioned by Koontz.. Are those in a series with Forever Odd? I have that one and have yet to read it but if it;s a series I may want to be sure I begin with the first one.

  4. My goal is just to read something anything! Probably sounds awful but between kids, cleaning and running all around I hardly ever get to read! Hoping now that my oldest started school this year I can try to fit in a book now and then!

  5. I have a few Dean Koontz and James Patterson books laying around that I need to dust off and finally read. I'm such a book hoarder :) Nice list

  6. I love to read, but I mostly do historical fiction or Christian fiction. I always have a book that I'm currently reading. Right now it's Cloth of Heaven by BJ Hoff.

  7. I have never read a book by James Patterson, but want to since I've heard many great things about his books. I am currently in the middle of the Song of Fire and Ice series (and by middle, I mean on the second book). I'll have to look into more of the books on your list though. :)

  8. Nothing Like Learning, Playing and Growing... and Books are ONE awesome way to do that... Enjoy your reading...

  9. These books are new to me. I'd like to check them out in Amazon. why don't you add links to each book if it is on sale on Amazon. if you become a amazon affiliate still better that way if someone clicks your links to books and goes and buys that book or any other stuff on amazon you get paid as well.