Sunday, September 9, 2012

Favorite Teacher

Today's question is who was your favorite teacher...

I hated math in school...any and all kinds of math lol. However my junior year math teacher was one of my favorite teachers...go figure lol. As much as I hated the math, he made the class fun and made it easy to understand. I actually managed to learn and understand a  lot that year.

Whey Beyond the Naked Truth


  1. I just didn't get math either. It is always fun when a teacher spices things up. My favorite teacher was my 8th grade history teacher, He made history TONS of fun! and easier to learn

  2. I have always struggled with math. It's great that a math teacher was your favorite. Good teachers make learning enjoyable!

  3. I am glad you had a teacher that could make a subject you didn't connect with at least fun!

  4. I disliked Calculus, but any math before that I enjoyed. As a nurse, I'm so happy that I enjoyed and was able to understand Algebra.