Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter Blog Challenge #8

If you were given three wishes, what would they be?

1. For my boys to live long healthy and happy lives

2. To grow old and happy with my husband

3. For our move to Florida this summer to go smoothly with no hiccups lol

If you could have any 3 wishes what would they be?


  1. 1. My family be healthy (my mom and I both have medical problems).

    2. My family have enough money to pay off our debt and live comfortably.

    3. Live in the country.

  2. For my family to be safe and happy
    To be with my love for the rest of my life
    To have the financial means to be comfortable and enjoy the extras life has to offer

  3. For a billion more wishes
    No pain
    Financial freedom

  4. 1. To find an affordable place to live

    2. To spend the rest of forever with my soul mate Alan

    3. To have my own business


  5. 1. Everyone on Earth now and future to be Healthy
    2. Everyone on Earth now and future to have their lives to be full of Peace and Joy
    3. Everyone on Earth now and future to be Safe

  6. Just one wish,
    For the children to grow up where there is no violence, no stress, peace and safe.

  7. For those I love to lead lives that make them proud
    to have enough money to live and not enough to make people beg
    to have a child.