Thursday, December 13, 2012

Luv My Box Review


Not sure where to start when perusing the aisles? Lost a bit of luster between the sheets or want to explore something new? Luvmybox has the solution! We send you different products monthly that are meant to stimulate as well as kick up the romance. The best part is every month is a surprise! Lubricants, games, condoms, costumes, panties, kamasutra ideas, bustiers and so much more! Luvmybox is different from beauty box subscriptions and memberships like Birchbox, Beauty Box, and Glossybox. You’ll find much more than make up and beauty samples in your luvbox! We created Luvmybox because, like you, we think it’s important to keep your relationships, with yourself and your partner, fresh and invigorating. Luvmybox is like a monthly gift for yourself that’s delivered right to your door! Adding a little flavor between the sheets will keep you happy, healthy and wanting more!


My Review

I'm not an overly adventurous person. But I do like to try new things every once in awhile. Luv My Box allows you to try new things in your relationship while being discreet at the same time. Luv My Box comes in a plain black box that hides some really great products. We received the Oral Sex Dice, Frisk Mints, Wet Together Couples Lubricant and a few other items. I loved the Do Not Disturb sign that came in the box. Very cute. We have a unique living situation right now. We only have one bedroom and have given that to my boys. Myself and the hubby sleep in the living room on a pull out couch. Luckily that is changing this coming June. For now though our private time tends to be kind of limited lol. We have used a few of the products already. They are all very high quality and have been very fun to use lol. The box is a tad expensive for my tastes, $34.95, so I probably wouldn't get one every month. I will however purchase future boxes when the mood strikes me :) I was happy with the amount and types of product I got in this box and I would recommend this to my friends, married and single alike!


  1. Maybe I need something like this in January when i get married, it would be nice to have stuff like this to have fun with after being together for almost 21 years. Definitely not something I would purchase every month though a little to expensive for my liking.

  2. I like the idea that it comes in the mail, I'm too embarrassed to buy these products in a store.

  3. I like the idea that they come to the house as well. I would never be able to go into the store and buy these products without being totally embarrassed.

    I think the price is kind of high as well. I think for that price they should let you pick what comes in the package.

  4. I love Luvmybox! I love how each month its something new~!~!~ And I love it comes in the mail! you dont feel like such a perv going to the porn store! ha ha ha I love your review! enjoy your BOX!!!

  5. my wife and I have been using for about 2 months we almost picked luv my box but what we read did not motivate us. The value of little secrets 365 has been pretty close to on point they offer a great service plus the customer service is wonderful we had a reaction to a lube they sent us we called the apologized and sent a different lube out asap. Very discreet packaging over all very happy with the service. Just wanted to let you know after reading this article maybe some new material to write about how knows, right. Alway in search of the next spicy addition.