Saturday, December 1, 2012

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit!

Well in 24 days Christmas will be upon us.  Alan and I are big kids, so we couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving to arrive so that we could decorate our home for the holidays.  We even finished Christmas shopping by Halloween!  I don’t like the crazy crowds or fighting them on Black Friday.  So while the world shops, we decorate!  The only ones that waited were for charity, I’m really big on doing for others, so when I heard about this little boy losing his mother two months ago I decided I’d be his Santa this year.  His mom passed away giving birth to his twin sisters.  My heard broke when I heard this and just wanted him to see he’s not alone in this world, even strangers care.

We have an entire Christmas Village that fills up a 48” card table.  Thirteen houses, two of which are bookstores, and of course no village would be complete without Santa’s Workshop :-D  Then of course a wreath and every window in the apartment has lights.  I collect snowmen, I have 4 new ones this year.  Alan collects nutcrackers, so to even the playing field we now by equal amounts.  He also LOVES the Miami Dolphins and so far we’ve been able to get one Miami Dolphin ornament each year.  This year I got him a Miami Dolphins Nutcracker ornament!  I love fairies and angels, so I have a new stained glass angel ornament, she’s playing a violin.  No matter what angels win, I’m on the treetop!  So here are my two questions:
1.             Do you collect anything Christmas?  If so, what?
2.          What’s you’re favorite Christmas song/carol?

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  1. no collections yet and my favorite carol is Silent Night